Nobl Research: 25 Million Americans Are Considering Buying Crypto

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A recently concluded Nobl Insurance study reveals that the crypto market grew by a spectacular 48 percent in the period 2018 – 2019. Moreover, the study forecast that the American cryptocurrency market will continue to expand in the next 12 months. 25 Million Americans Are Considering Buying Crypto in the Next 12 Months Nobl Insurance LLC, based in New Hudson, Michigan, carried out the research in May 2019 in connection with its new insurance product, Nobl Crypto, which is designed to protect the crypto market.Researchers noted that 6.72 million new crypto asset holders had joined the market by May 2019. And researchers concluded that the overall market grew by 48 percent last year. Although optimism about the global economy is waning, there is optimism about the crypto industry. The study’s findings suggest that we are on the threshold of a tantalizing opportunity of “an accelerating crypto market.” In effect, according…

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