NFTs FOMO Lives On: New NFT Polkamon Trades at $140k at Launch


Polkamon, the popular NFT and digital collectibles platform incubated by Moonrock Capital, saw one of its first NFTs trade for 75 ETH, worth more than $140,000. Top influencers and Youtubers, like the popular Fortnite stramer PWR Lachlan, who has over 1.5 million followers on Twitter alone, bought the newly released NFT. Purchased my first @Polkamonorg NFT today! What should I name it? — PWR Lachlan (@LachlanYT) April 1, 2021 The fear of missing out (FOMO) around NFTs has noticeably been strengthening in light of celebrities and musicians, in particular, targeting the NFT market. Polkamon NFT sees big demand New Beeple NFTs have been selling out instantly and uniquely branded NFTs, like Polkamon, have seen significant interest from celebrities in recent weeks. Each Polkamon is backed by a unique NFT through the PMON token, making each collectible inimitable and authentic. Similarly, other branded NFTs, like Cyberpunks and Hashmasks have seen…

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