Next-Gen Blockchain: BTCU Ultimatum Goes Live After The Positive Feedback From The Testnet

After the success of the Testnet and the positive feedback from the community, BTCU Ultimatum launches the BTCU Mainnet, an operational and running next-gen blockchain that aims to make the technology an integral part of our lives. More than one year in the making, an integral team of experts in crypto has made possible the launch of the true next-gen blockchain. The BTCU Mainnet is designed to be scalable and used in a wide range of applications: from Asset Tokenization to Rights Management, Supply chain and document flow to Cross-border Payments, Governance and Real Estate to Fintech, healthcare and more. Andriy Saranenko, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of BTC Ultimatum (BTCU) commented on this milestone: “The technology incorporates a number of practical applications to impact every sector of the economic, business and social processes. Stretching from loan tokenization, rights management, supply chain & document flow to cross-border payments, and easy access…

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