New NFT Drop Launches AnRKey X to #1 on Rarible

The release of AnRKey X’s new GenSys.X NFT has launched the gaming platform to the number one spot on Rarible with over 120ETH sold (just shy of $200k), the decentralized marketplace for NFTs. AnRKey X is a gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) platform that merges the best of Defi yield farming, esports, and Web3 NFTs. Its GenSys.X digital collectible card set is the rarest collection of NFTs they have available, and can be used to win prizes, earn staking rewards, get discounts, and a host of other benefits. The red-hot NFTs sold out so quickly, in fact, that AnRKey X had a spot of trouble processing all the orders on time. All orders were eventually fulfilled, however, allowing early adopters to take ownership of their GenSys.X NFTs. The Rise of NFTs NFTs, more formally known as non-fungible tokens, are cryptographic collectible tokens that represent something unique and cannot be…

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