Nearly 99% Of Bitcoin Ownership Has Been Profitable, Data Reveals

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Bitcoin is the best-performing mainstream asset in 2020, next to stocks, gold, and anything else. But according to new data, owning the top crypto asset by market cap at any point in nearly 99% of its existence would have resulted in profitability. Here’s how high the price of Bitcoin will need to reach before it reaches 100% profitability once again and what that will mean for the crypto market. Buying Bitcoin Has Been Profitable, Nearly 99% Of The Time Data Shows The first-ever cryptocurrency has, as analysts expected, thus far been a primary beneficiary of the post-pandemic world. The all-digital, ultra-scarce asset has beaten gold, soaring stock valuations, and anything else aside from less liquid altcoin cousins. In just ten years, it has performed over 100,000,000% in ROI, leaving only 1.5% of days unprofitable in its existence remaining. Currently, there’s only one single day in 2020 that buying Bitcoin was…

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