Nearly 20% of Bitcoin Supply Hasn’t Budged In 7 Years

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Bitcoin price is appreciating at full steam because the market consists of nothing but buyers at the moment. Those who already own the abundance of the currently circulating supply are holding strong and refusing to sell. However, data shows that nearly 20% of the entire circulating supply hasn’t moved in seven years. Are those coins held by the strongest holders yet, or are there other reasons the large share of BTC supply hasn’t moved in so long? Almost 20% Of BTC Supply Hasn’t Moved In Seven Years Or More Bitcoin is struggling to get back above $50,000 currently, but it might not be long before it does so. The available supply of BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges is at an extreme low, and what little supply is available is being bought by institutions at a rate of 13,000 BTC per week on Coinbase Pro alone. Corporations are buying BTC by the…

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