Move Over Bitcoin: OKEx Insights Report Reveals Institutions Are Accumulating Ethereum

Altcoin season is upon us, and there’s no better indicator of this than Ethereum beginning to gain against Bitcoin on the duo’s trading pair against one another. The ratio between the two represents the ongoing battle between the two for cryptocurrency market share. Right now, Bitcoin remains king. But growing institutional interest in Ethereum exposure, especially since the introduction of CME ETH futures in February, has caused the second-ranked crypto asset to catch up and go for the throne. But like any top contender, there’s also a handful of other booming blockchain protocols that could also soon rival even Ethereum, making the competition across crypto right now fiercer than ever. Here’s a detailed breakdown based on the latest OKEx Insights research report. Ethereum Price Doubles Since Introduction Of CME Futures When Bitcoin futures were introduced on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, otherwise known as CME, it was the end of the…

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