Most Important Chart Ever? Bitcoin S2F Combined With Reddit Rainbow Chart Emerges

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With Bitcoin’s halving less than one month away, investors are losing faith in the stock-to-flow model they’ve long subscribed to that suggests that the asset’s price should be pacing closer to $55,000. Recently, however, a long-time chart shared amongst the Reddit Bitcoin Market’s community has reemerged and given investors hope. Now, the two charts have been combined for what may be the most important Bitcoin price chart crypto investors ever lay their eyes upon. Cryptocurrency Faithfuls Lose Hope in Aging Stock-to-Flow Model Bitcoin price is currently trading at $6,800, up over $3,000 from the low set last month during the extreme panic selloff that took down stocks, gold, and nearly every other asset under the sun. With a black swan event like the coronavirus currently sending the globe into an economic downward spiral, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are facing their most dangerous situation yet. RELATED READING | OMINOUS BITCOIN PRICE FRACTAL…

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