Moonbeam Has Fundamentally Upgraded Their Structure to Onboard Ethereum Developers to Polkadot

Moonbeam has released its Alpha v3 test net, and the latest build throws a bone to Ethereum developers who’ve been eyeing the Polkadot space with interest. Newly rolled out functionality unifies accounts and simplifies interacting with the test net, making it easier for Ethereum devs to get involved, while enhancing the user experience to boot. Moonbeam Smiles Kindly on Ethereum Alpha v3 is the latest and greatest version of Moonbeam, having been developed by smart contract specialist PureStake. A number of changes have been implemented under the hood, but the biggest change from the perspective of Ethereum devs is the updated account system that now looks a lot more like that of the Solidity framework they’re accustomed to. The idea with Moonbeam is that it simplifies the complexity associated with porting a project from Ethereum over to Polkadot. Since the two networks have different programming languages and compilers, it’s a…

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