Money In Memes: Dogecoin And Funny NFTs Go Viral

dogecoin memes nfts 1 640x296

Dogecoin has somehow become the face of crypto, popular among mainstream stock investors, celebrities, and even outspoken CEOs. As the industry mascot so to speak, it also has the gains to back up the FOMO surrounding the trending “meme” coin. At the same time, the popularity has caused an explosion of hilarious meme-based NFTs to go viral across the space, further adding to the “froth” Jerome Powell was referring to when calling out the altcoin recently. Here’s a deeper look at the Doge-effect taking place across the NFT market. Dogecoin Rally Sucks In The Mainstream, About To Get Primetime Exposure Things couldn’t get better for Dogecoin in 2021. The coin that was once considered a joke or little more than a way to move value fast and for cheap, is now the talk of finance. It has even beaten Bitcoin in terms of pure ROI, leaving maximalists and altcoin avoiders…

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