Millennials Trust Bitcoin-Based Equities Over Microsoft, Disney Stock

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Bitcoin-based investment has made its way into the portfolios of the youngest investors, as millennials allocate a part of their retirement to Bitcoin-based stock. Millennials Allocate Funds to Different Asset Mix Analysis of self-directed brokerage accounts show a generational divide in selecting assets. Older GenX investors have no exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) through financial instruments, but millennials have bought into the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. The analysis in the latest Schwab report reveals that the newest generation of investors allocates around 1.84 of its portfolio to GBTC stock, more than is allocated for blue chip companies Walt Disney, Microsoft, and the Berkshire Hathaway fund. Millennials, unfortunately, held brokerage balances of about $68,756, about five times lower in comparison to the size of boomer portfolios. But with one of the greatest wealth transfers in history, more funds can move into a new type of portfolio, with a spot for bitcoin investments. Earlier…

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