MANTRA DAO Is Boosting Its Ecosystem With OM Ecosystem Incentives

When thinking like a traditional financial institution, it may seem counterintuitive to give away profit and voting rights to complete strangers who use the platform. For MANTRA DAO, that is exactly what is going to occur to further decentralize its network governance and promote platform usage. Building on the Polkadot blockchain to be able to provide lightning-fast staking, lending, and governance opportunities, MANTRA is giving away one million OM tokens to stakeholders in the Polkadot economy to boost adoption. Democratizing MANTRA DAO OM is the native cryptocurrency of MANTRA DAO, with its distribution pushing the platform further to its goal of becoming a fully decentralized autonomous organization. The more community members that hold OM, the more democratic principles will reign supreme, giving everyone a voice and a piece of the pie. With plans announced in late 2020 to ramp up OM reward programs, MANTRA will be giving 500,000 OM to…

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