MakerDAO Launches Multi-Collateral Dai, Coinbase Support Coming Soon

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The MakerDAO project launches its upgraded multi-collateral Dai stablecoin today. To the relief of many, it will not include traditional assets as accepted forms of collateral just yet. Cryptocurrency Exchange, Coinbase, has already announced support for the upgraded token from 2nd December. Single-Collateral To Multi-Collateral Upgrade Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) will add several new features to the Maker protocol, according to a recent blog post. In addition to the expanded range of potential collateral asset types, it will also introduce the Dai Savings Rate (DSR). This will allow Dai holders to earn savings natively, and the initial rate will soon be decided by MKR holders. Collateral, which has previously been limited to ETH tokens only, will now be open to other ERC20 tokens. There are currently seven tokens under consideration, and the initial tokens to be added will also be voted on by MKR holders. Coinbase Will Automatically Upgrade Your Single-Collateral…

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