Macro Analyst Expects “US Dollar Bear Market” to Boost Bitcoin Higher

Bitcoin has undergone a strong move higher over the past few weeks. Analysts think that current macroeconomic trends could result in a further surge in the price of the leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Could Surge Higher Amid U.S. Dollar Bear Market: Dan Tapiero Dan Tapiero, a co-founder of 10T Holdings and DTAP Capital, thinks that the cryptocurrency will continue higher as he expects a U.S. dollar bear market to play out. He cites “unprecedented liquidity injection,” which may devalue the price of the U.S. dollar over time. “Yes, Powell did a great job in March. But self-satisfied smile on #barrons is warning sign for legacy fin system. Unprecedented liquidity injection (US M2 +24% y/y) not business as usual. #USD bear mkt upcoming. US govt bonds no longer good investments. + Bitcoin and Gold.” Not Everyone Agrees, Though While some think the U.S. Dollar drops to kickstart a Bitcoin rally, some think…

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