Macro Analyst “Can’t Imagine” Bitcoin Not Outperforming All Other Assets


Bitcoin has been the best-performing macro asset of 2020. Dan Tapiero, a prominent macro investor and a co-founder of firms like 10T Holdings and Gold Bullion Int., thinks this will continue. He said that he can’t imagine a world where “the coin doesn’t outperform all other assets.” Bitcoin Could Be the Best Performing Asset Moving Forward, Says Macro Analyst Bitcoin has surged over 60% in the past month alone. The leading cryptocurrency has rocketed from $11,200 at the lows four weeks ago to $17,700 as of this article’s writing. Earlier today, BTC traded for $17,850, shocking most investors who thought the coin was going to enter a downtrend after the pump to $16,000. This performance has made the cryptocurrency one of the best-performing assets over the past month, aside from some smaller altcoins. Technically, Bitcoin is the best-performing macro asset of the past month and of the year. Dan Tapiero,…

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