Litecoin Could See Another Price Crash Soon, Will Bitcoin Follow?

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The crypto market remains volatile, with analysts actively trying to seek insight into its next moves. Litecoin now appears ready for a notable correction. Such a move could set off a similar drop in Bitcoin and other cryptos, as it has done before. LITECOIN MAY OFFER CLARITY TO UNPREDICTABLE MARKET As crypto traders attempt to find patterns in the present market environment, many look to altcoins which have lower liquidity and tend to be traded by more experienced players. Analyst Benjamin Blunt asserts that Litecoin may soon see a price drop. In a recent tweet, he stated: i like to use ltc as a guage for the broader crypto market as i find it usually has a clearer structure. this rise the last few days feels like its been an abc up and now printing a lower high at the 0.618, cant help but feel atleast one more low down…

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