Legendary Trader Calls DeFi Bullish, Claims Ethereum Could Soon Rally

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The DeFi sector has been screaming higher throughout the past couple of weeks, with the ongoing stability seen by Bitcoin boosting its price action Ethereum, which remains the backbone of this sector, has also been stable, closely tracking BTC as of late If ETH can push higher in the near-term, it could create further tailwinds that bolster the DeFi sector and help the tokens within it see further gains He specifically notes that ETH could soon push past $470 once again, which could help the decentralized finance sector see significantly further momentum in the days and weeks ahead Ethereum has been providing the DeFi sector with some strong tailwinds as of late, with its recent stability allowing it to act as a strong base for the market to grow upon. Bitcoin has been firmly guiding Ethereum’s price action, making it vital for ETH that BTC remains steady around its current…

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