Ledger Leak: Bitcoin Investor Threatened With Kidnapping, Murder

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This week, a leak related to a Bitcoin cold storage wallet manufacturer’s customer database was escalated when a hacker exposed its true severity. Instead of the initial over 9000 customers Ledger claimed were affected, there were actually 270,000 individuals that had their name, address, phone number, and more made public. Each passing day, the impact of the leak begins to spread and show just how scary things could get for innocent victims. In a Reddit post, one Bitcoin investor revealed that a self-proclaimed “meth addict” obtained their info from the leak, and threatened to not only kidnap the investor but “stab to death” any of his relatives found located at his residence. Reddit User, Ledger Leak Victim, Shares Scary Story Involving Home Address Things just got a bit frightening for Bitcoin investors who rely on cold storage wallet solution Ledger. As new investors come into the crypto space, they’re urged…

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