Large Bitcoin Holders Just Moved 80,000 BTC; Analysts Grow Cautious

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Bitcoin is in the process of testing its 2020 highs again as bulls attempt to take the reins and guide it to see further upside It has been struggling to gain any serious near-term momentum due to the selling pressure at $13,200, but once broken, it could rally towards $14,000 Despite its overt bullishness at the present moment, there are a few bearish signs that may indicate that a selloff is brewing One analyst is pointing to large holders moving 80,000 BTC as a potentially bearish sign He also notes that a few other indicators suggest that Bitcoin’s uptrend is growing overheated Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market have been caught in the throes of an intense bull trend throughout the past few days. BTC has rallied from its consolidation range in the mid-$11,000 region up to highs of $13,200 set just a couple of days ago. It is now…

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