Kusama Tests Parachain applicants on Rococo network.

From layer-0 to the rest of the Blockchain Polkadot is a multi-chain application environment that uses its network protocol to allow arbitrary data to be passed along the Blockchain. This technology enables private and public blockchains’ apps to exchange data in secure decentralized and trustless environments. The Network was developed by top developers in the tech world, like Web3 Foundation and Parity technologies. It was designed for public, private, permissionless, and consortium chain networks to connect while keeping their identities and information safe. Parachains signal a new era in DeFi unification Since its inception, the network has seen many use-cases, none as attractive as the idea of parachains. Parachains are indicative of what the future of Blockchain is going to be like. With several tokens, chains, and coins being started each day, there will eventually come a time when there is a need for a unifying network. The several separate…

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