It’s the Moment of Truth for Ethereum as Analyst Eyes Move to New Highs

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Ethereum has been rocketing higher throughout the past few days, with its latest round of upside kicking off after the sudden rally from the mid-$700 region to over $1,000 The crypto has now established a solid foothold within the $1,000 region, and bulls confirmed this level as support yesterday This is indicative of its present strength, and its ability to climb today while Bitcoin consolidates has given its BTC pair some strength Where the entire market trends in the near-term should depend largely, if not entirely, on whether or not bulls will be able to break one crucial level today An analyst is pointing to $1,175, noting that a clean break above this level could be all that is needed for a move to fresh all-time highs Ethereum has been finally gaining some ground against Bitcoin following a month-long period of severe underperformance. Over the past week, its strength has…

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