Is SafeMoon Really… Safe? What Is It And Why It’s The Talk Of Crypto

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Let’s not kid ourselves, SafeMoon is trending because of the unprecedented price increase. The novel token grew 6000% in just a month, leaving the whole crypto industry speechless. It has since fallen tremendously, but the project is still in everyone’s mouth. The new Doge, people call it. Is that supposed to be a compliment? Or is it an insult? What does this project offer, exactly? What makes it special? Why should I care? What Is SafeMoon? Let’s answer those questions and analyze everything we know so far. DOGE market cap, $ (Calculated by TradingView) | Source: Recently, their website announced that they reached one million holders. Impressive. On March 8th, 2021, CEO John Karony and CTO Thomas Smith launched SafeMoon. This self-proclaimed “fairly launched” DeFi token: Rewards its users for holding and penalizes those who sell it. The protocol automatically generates liquidity. The project is community-driven. In each trade,…

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