Is RioDeFi the Next Frontier of DeFi?

Every day, it seems, a new crypto project emerges promising to forever change the world of finance. If you operate in this space, whether as a developer, financier, trader, or reporter, you’ve likely become completely desensitized to such hyperbole, having witnessed many startups flounder under the crushing weight of their own hype. Hope remains, however, that emerging project RioDeFi, which has begun to make serious waves in the decentralized finance space, can succeed whether others have faltered. With robust fundamentals including an experienced, multi-disciplinary team and compatibility with the much-vaunted Polkadot network, RioDeFi is building vital bridges between traditional finance and defi, relying on a blockchain that enjoys impressive security, speed, scalability, and interoperability. Liftoff: How VCs Helped RFUEL Rocket Rio’s native RioFuel token (RFUEL) has made a major impact since launching on September 28, with daily volume already exceeding $10 million, putting it in the top 15 tokens by…

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