Is China’s Blockchain Future A Brave New World Or Orwellian Dystopia?

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Last week, China’s President Xi Jinping nailed his colors firmly to the blockchain post, urging accelerated adoption of the technology. The announcement excited investors in Bitcoin and tech stocks, but the first ‘official’ output is slightly more ominous. China’s Communist Party (CCP) has released a decentralized app (dApp) for members to pledge their allegiance to the party on a public blockchain. Original Intentions Onchain Even the name of the dApp is enough to strike fear into the heart of any democracy-dwelling reader of Orwell’s ‘1984’. The literal translation is ‘Original Intentions Onchain’, co-opting the ‘Original Intentions’ remark made by Xi in 2017. This became a mainstay communist party propaganda tool, to encourage members to stay committed to their party. And now, all those lucky Chinese citizens get the chance to show their loyalty to the CCP on an immutable permanent blockchain, for everybody to see… Or perhaps, so that the…

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