Is Blockchain-Based RBAC the Future of Access Control?

Blockchain technology is best known for making cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin secure. Due to the fact that it can be used to provide a secure ledger, blockchain seems to be at the traceability and validation solution of the future. As organizations grow, more end points and devices are exposed to sensitive important. Role based security restricts system access from certain users to protect the organization. In the context of the evolving blockchain world, let’s understand how and why Blockchain is going to impact RBAC in a major way. Why is Blockchain Secure? Blockchain works as a decentralized database storing a ledger of transactions through a peer-to-peer network. ZD Net describes the blockchain as a “decentralized, vettable, and secure technology that has, in less than a decade, become a powerful driver of digital transformation poised to help create a new employment economy.” Although typically associated with Bitcoin, blockchain technology can be…

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