Is Bitcoin Following S2F Model? How a $200K Top Could be in Sight

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Is Bitcoin a commodity? It is, according to most regulatory agencies including the CFTC. But is Bitcoin a store of value (SoV) commodity? That seems to be the current consensus. Most of the investors are treating it as so, and calling it “Gold 2.0.” Well, if that’s the case, then Bitcoin should follow the stock-to-flow model. At least to a degree. The model gauges the total amount of “stock” – Bitcoin, in this case – available at the moment against the “flow” of new production to get the stock-to-flow ratio. That ratio quantifies scarcity. According to the creator of the model, famed analyst PlanB, “we are nowhere near the top of this bull market, according to both the S2FX model and on-chain signals.” And the stock-to-flow model predicts that, in the near future, Bitcoin will hit at least $100K. And the model’s still intact. It still holds. (or should we…

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