Iran Bans Trading Of Foreign-Mined Cryptocurrencies


According to a news report by , the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has banned its citizens from trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies mined in foreign countries Regulators Have Issued Thousands Of Licenses For Mining According to a tweet from news organization Iran International, Iran’s Central Bank announced a Cabinet decision on Wednesday requiring that digital currencies exchanged in the country be mined or “extracted” there as well, prohibiting the exchange of digital assets mined elsewhere. While several analysts have noted that enforcing the ban would be nearly impossible, Fatemeh Fannizadeh, a Swiss qualified independent lawyer and advisor on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, has speculated that the ban could be targeted specifically at banks and forex companies that use cryptocurrency to pay for imports: I don't think it will be enforced on an individual level. Exchange platforms can basically not operate. But instead of a blanket ban, it allows banks!…

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