IOTA Trinity Wallet Vulnerability Reported, $1.6 Million Stolen

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The IOTA team has halted the coordinator and are currently investigating reports of a possible vulnerability in its Trinity wallet. The team has recommended that nobody open Trinity until further notice while they investigate the incident. Trinity wallet App, may have been compromised IOTA, a blockchain project aimed at solving integration with the Internet of Things (IOT), has been either attacked or a vulnerability has been exploited in the Trinity wallet app. The foundation has recommended that users do not open Trinity, until they have found the cause of the exploit. About $1.6 Million USD worth of #iota have been stolen from ~10 high-value accounts. Bug is likely in the (official) desktop wallet. Network completely stopped for nearly 24 hours now.#IOTAstrong just keeps on giving. — 00xou (@00xou) February 13, 2020 Trinity is a wallet that’s available for Mobile, Windows, and MacOS, so a wide variety of users could…

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