Investors are More Interested in Bitcoin Than Stocks: TD Ameritrade

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A news segment on TD Ameritrade Network portrayed Bitcoin as a better investment than the US stocks. Lead anchor Oliver Renick, at the end of his six-minute-long market wrapup, claimed that investors are more interested in owning Bitcoin than the equities. He said the cryptocurrency has “a lot to go” since it is the only asset that performed bullish on the positive US stimulus news on Wednesday. You might call him a #bitcoin cynic, but as stocks struggle despite the market seemingly already pricing in stimulus, @OJRenick says $btc's rally is "the most positive thing for bitcoin bugs" since he started covering it." — TD Ameritrade Network (@TDANetwork) October 21, 2020 Bitcoin Ditches Stock Correlation The White House and Democrats in the US Congress came closer to an agreement over the size and details of the next coronavirus relief package. President Donald Trump said that he is willing to allow…

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