Investor Greed Signals Bitcoin May Be Topping Despite Strong Monthly Close

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Bitcoin was able to post an incredibly strong monthly candle close yesterday This marked the first time that the crypto had closed its monthly candle above $10,700 since mid-December of 2017 Shortly after the close took place, bulls stepped up and allowed BTC to set fresh 2020 highs of $11,800 It did face some heavy selling pressure at these highs that caused its price to see a sharp decline, but it has since stabilized Analysts are now widely noting that the benchmark crypto is poised to see further upside, but there are some grim signs One such sign would be investor greed – which has been rocketing higher in recent days Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market is flashing some overt signs of strength as BTC hovers within the mid-$11,000 region. Overnight, it was able to surmount the previous resistance it faced around $11,400, with the break above this level…

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