Introducing Crypto’s Playground – Digitex City

If you’ve been following the crypto space for some time you must have heard of Digitex Futures and its larger-than-life founder, former pit trader Adam Todd. The commission-free crypto derivates exchange has certainly grabbed its share of headlines. After all, with hundreds of exchanges vying for customers all competing with the same fee-charging model that extracts continuous profits from their users, the prospect of not paying fees is attractive to any trader. With the live launch that took place at the end of July 2020, Digitex has been heralded as a “scalpers’ paradise” and the ideal place for aggressive short-term traders to carry out their strategies. With appearances made by many crypto royals from Ivan on Tech to Trader Cobb and ReadySetCrypto’s Doc Severson, Adam and his team have truly created a product to be proud of. But, their ambitions for Digitex don’t stop at a zero-fee futures exchange. Speaking…

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