Introducing Cross-Chain DeFi by Relite Finance

Relite is a decentralized, cross-chain lending protocol built on Polkadot. Relite aims to provide a platform where lending and borrowing is accessible to all and isn’t limited to any one blockchain. This cross-chain lending platform will enable users to lend and borrow with their native crypto in one protocol; something that the DeFi market is sorely lacking at the current time. Solving DeFi’s Problems The Relite team sees three key issues with the current state of DeFi that need to be tackled: interoperability, sustainability, and simplicity. Interoperability The lack of interoperability in the current blockchain ecosystem is one of the largest hurdles for DeFi to overcome. Relite is on track to create a multi-chain, interoperable future in which the segregation of blockchains does not exist. To achieve this aim, the team will utilize Polkadot and parachains, often seen as the best bet against chain maximalism (the belief that one blockchain…

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