Interview with OKEx: How OKExChain Plans to Provide a Seamless Trading Experience

Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Before we start, could you provide a little bit of background on OKExChain, the OKT token, and OKEx’s primary goals for the project? We have spent three years designing and developing OKExChain to ensure that it upholds blockchain technology’s core qualities of openness and decentralization. Throughout this period, it has undergone many iterations on the testnet. For example, we have expanded the ecosystem through hackathons and partnerships, committed to open-source, and realized OKExChain’s liquidity mining farm module, among other developments. This was all done to ensure our commitment to provide a robust open-source chain with high performance. One that can support the development of large-scale commercial dApps – without sacrificing decentralization. OKExChain is specialized in trading and, upon completion of its fourth phase of rollout, will allow for an entire ecosystem of Ethereum-compatible DEXs and trading-based dApps. During phase one, which lasts two…

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