Interview With CEO of Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure Provider Northern Data

“We participate directly in the rising Bitcoin price“ (XETRA: NB2, ISIN: DE000A0SMU87). Mr. Thillainathan, Bitcoin is gaining more and more attention, not the least because of the enormous rise it is currently experiencing. The Bitcoin price has more than doubled within the last few weeks. Where is this momentum suddenly coming from? There are many reasons: Payment companies such as Paypal and Square have recently announced that they will enable their customers to pay with Bitcoins in the future, thus opening up a mass market for digital currency. In addition, the first US companies are currently starting to shift their currency reserves into Bitcoin – first and foremost the US software company Microstrategy. The US capital markets players are also beginning to discover Bitcoin. Just recently, JP Morgan published that their strategists believe Bitcoin can reach $146,000 and higher in the long term as it begins to compete with gold…

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