Institutions Increase Short Exposure to Bitcoin Futures Amid Uncertainty


Bitcoin’s price action has been weak over recent weeks as uncertainty has spread about all markets. From the local highs, the cryptocurrency is down nearly 20%. Institutional traders on the CME have increased their short exposure to Bitcoin futures over recent weeks. The metric is not down a lot but it shows that there are some investors hesitant about what’s to come. Retail investors using the CME have also increased their short exposure to Bitcoin futures, data shows. Despite this, analysts believe that the prevailing long-term trend for BTC is a bullish one. Bitcoin Is Primed to Move Lower, Predict CME Futures Traders Bitcoin’s price action has been tepid at best over recent weeks. The cryptocurrency has been trapped in a $1,000 range between $10,000 and $11,000, constantly finding rejection at the upper boundary and support at the lower boundary. Last week, BTC slipped as a result of a confluence…

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