Indy 500 To Feature A Bitcoin Racecar


Can you go to the moon on a racetrack? One team in the Indy 500 wants to find out. Announced this week, Ed Carpenter Racing will be donning a Bitcoin-themed Chevy in this year’s race. The Inspiration Ed Carpenter Racing teamed up with payments platform Strike, but unlike your traditional sponsorship, this one was a bit different. The team elected to forfeit potential sponsorship revenues. Additionally, rather than having Strike-branded imagery, the car is simply Bitcoin-branded. According to a Medium post from Strike’s Jack Mallers, Ed Carpenter stated that “you don’t become an IndyCar driver to get rich. This is a career driven by passion. Over the last year, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and become a Bitcoiner. I believe Bitcoin represents a better world. I don’t want to race for chips or beer this year. I’ve worked my entire life to race at the Indy 500 and have…

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