Inauguration Day: Past Presidents Taking Office Has Boosted Bitcoin Bull Run

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Bitcoin is struggling to hold onto $35,000 after an epic run, just as a new United States president takes office. And although things might appear suddenly bearish for the cryptocurrency in the short-term, past instances of new presidents taking the oath of office has led to the asset’s most bullish impulses yet. Here’s a detailed look at what could be next if the same pattern repeats for a third time in a row. Bitcoin Bull Run Truly Begins Post Inauguration Day Bitcoin has come a long way in just two full United States presidencies, rising from only $15 per coin when Obama began his second term. By the time the polarizing parting President Donald Trump took the oath, the top cryptocurrency in the industry was worth nearly a grand. Each new term brings about hope for new growth in general, but what it has historically done for Bitcoin has been…

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