Improving Defi with AI: SingularityDAO Nets $2.7M in Private Sale

SingularityDAO, an independent project from the AI-driven marketplace SingularityNET, believes decentralized finance will be the fastest vehicle for improving the world, with artificial intelligence (AI) steering the wheel. Support for SingularityDAO’s vision was recently shown in a private funding round led by Alphabit that netted $2.7 million from the likes of GBV (Genesis Block Ventures), SMO Capital, QCP Capital, AU21, Jun Capital, Magnus Capital and Moonwhale Ventures. This capital injection from prominent figures in crypto aids SingularityDAO, incubated in November 2020, in launching a mainnet as soon as possible. AI Driven Benefits for Investors, Projects, and the Cryptosphere In defi, the best ideas may not get the best funding, while some important ideas might be too difficult for investors to comprehend. This creates a loss of value for investors, startups, and the blockchain community as a whole, since innovations can be delayed due to the lack of capital projects need…

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