IMF Survey Overwhelmingly Supports Bitcoin As “Money”

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Bitcoin was created to be the first ever peer-to-peer electronic cash system, and in its wake, an entire industry of digital assets has since been created. Despite the cryptocurrency’s longevity and staying power, there’s still debate amongst policy makers, regulators, and even investors, if the asset class should be defined as “money.” A recent survey conducted by the International Monetary Fund has respondents overwhelmingly saying “yes” that Bitcoin and other altcoins are indeed money, and should be viewed as such. Bitcoin And Maturing Into Hard Money Bitcoin price is trading at under $40,000, a few thousand from its recent high. And while a drop of that magnitude in the past would bring forth obituaries about Bitcoin, today, its viewed as an opportunity to get in slightly cheaper. Investors and institutions are voting with their capital that the cryptocurrency will outperform the dollar and help to offset the coming bout of…

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