If History Rhymes, Bitcoin Will See Steep Corrections Before New Highs

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Bitcoin is clearly in a full-blown bull market, with each dip being aggressively absorbed by buyers as it continues grinding higher Unlike BTC rallies of the past, this latest one has mainly been a slow grind higher, which is a testament to the crypto’s maturation as an asset It has seen a few strong pullbacks throughout the course of this recent push higher, but it is important to note that buyers have quickly reversed all of these One veteran trader is now noting that Bitcoin historically sees around 9 strong pullbacks, averaging 37%, during multi-year bull trends This means that in the coming months and years, the crypto could see some sharp declines Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market have been growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. Bears have tried to gain control of the benchmark digital asset on multiple occasions, but they have been wholly unable to…

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