How to Access Bitcoin in a World of Illiquidity?

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Headlines move Bitcoin. That’s no secret. There is a limited supply of Bitcoin and shows of confidence, such as Tesla buying up $1.5b worth to keep the bull rally spiking higher. Tesla announced last month that it may hold “certain alternative reserve assets including digital assets, gold bullion [and] gold exchange-traded funds.” using its cash reserves. Too Much Cash is Costly The recent news has got us thinking about supply issues and it’s brought new large buyers flooding into the market. So why is that? The answer is low-interest rates. Organizations are holding on to huge sums of money in cash. The cash is not earning anything; in fact compound interest may actually eat away at it, in times of negative interest. So what should these cash-rich firms do with their money? Invest it and Elon Musk has shown them a new potential way to invest their cash. For a…

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