How Time Magazine Accepting Bitcoin And Altcoins Is A Growing Sign Of Global Adoption

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Earlier today, Time Magazine added Bitcoin and 16 Altcoins for payment options on its platform. This is following a new partnership announced with, a crypto exchange platform. With this new development, Time Magazine will allow its users to purchase its digital subscriptions with’s CRO coin. Subscribers who make a one-time purchase with cryptocurrency will be allowed unlimited access to content across for the period of 18 months. Additionally, in partnership with, subscribers who pay using CRO, the coin, will get Pay Rewards of up to 10% back. Buy Time Magazine With Bitcoin And 16 Altcoins Currently, this service is only available in the US and Canada. It’s expected that global access will be available in the next few months. TIME President Keith Grossman said: “As TIME continues to innovate and find new ways to build upon our existing community of 2.3 million subscribers, we are…

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