How the Dollar’s Fall from the Top Could Fuel the Future of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin was built and designed to be directly opposed to the dollar in every way. In a sense, it is its destiny to trade against the dollar until it meets its untimely demise. That demise could very well be beginning thanks to the pandemic, and its fall from glory could also fuel a future where Bitcoin takes its throne. Here’s what that could look like from a technical analysis perspective. DXY Dollar Currency Index Short-Term Reversal Failure Could Lead To Devastating Breakdown The dollar is one half of every most dominant Bitcoin trading pair on every top crypto exchange. The same goes for nearly every other asset globally, from stocks to gold, and even other nations’ currencies. The dollar has been the global reserve currency over the last 100 years. It is the currency in which all exchange rates are based on. Bitcoin has been pitched as someday having the…

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