How One Blockchain-Based Organization Is Reducing Cost, Boosting Marketing, And Improving Fundraising Through Various Tailor-Made Solutions

The debate on which cryptocurrency is superior between Bitcoin and Ethereum is endless. But, based on the latter’s added functionality, there is no doubt which protocol has the upper hand. In fact, some experts believe it’s only a matter of time before Ethereum takes over as the ultimate cryptocurrency platform. Based on what we have witnessed over the last few years, there is no doubting. The ability to launch dApps and DeFi projects have propelled the status of Ethereum to new heights. The network has become so busy lately, pushing gas fees up, with the average transaction costing around $9, a far cry from the $0.088 just a year ago. So far, over 365,000 token contracts have been deployed on Ethereum protocol that vary in quality and purpose. But the problem is that most of them will end up financially redundant. Then a question arises why are there so many…

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