How Next-Gen Blockchain Platform Jax.Network Solves the Scalability Trilemma

The inception of crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., brought blockchain technology to the attention of the public and the mainstream financial world for the first time. Since then, blockchain has been touted as the most transformative technology after the Internet. However, like the Internet, the early pioneers and products eventually became outdated. More scalable, developer-friendly tools were created that ultimately turned the ecosystem into what it is today. And while top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum struggle with scaling, Jax.Network claims to have developed an innovative solution that aims to end the scalability problem in blockchain once and for all. Jax.Network’s Innovative Sharding Solution Makes Scalability Possible Among the largest hurdles preventing leading blockchains like Ethereum from reaching mainstream adoption is their ultra low throughput – a transaction throughput of 7-10 transactions per second. Experts have proposed various solutions such as sharding, yet there is no consensus on…

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