How Laser Eyes Could Have Bitcoin Investors Seeing Red

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Bitcoin price has been an uptrend for a full year now, taking the price of the cryptocurrency from under $4,000 to well over $50,000 at the current peak. With analysts calling for a top closer to $100,000 or much higher, it is hard to be bearish on the top crypto asset currently. However, an iconic trader with extensive experience in markets says there’s one overwhelmingly bearish factor in Bitcoin, and its not what you would expect. The reason isn’t a fundamental factor, or an overheated technical indicator – it is “laser eyes.” But why? Peter Brandt: Laser Eyes Is The Most Bearish Factor In Bitcoin Bitcoin is booming, bringing in retail participants once again, but this time around has also managed to finally attract institutional investors. The impact the high wealth investor class has had on price appreciation has been dramatic, resulting in an over 1000% climb in a year’s…

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