How FinNexus Is Mainstreaming Decentralized Crypto Options

FinNexus is a cross-chain decentralized options platform with pooled liquidity, currently live on Ethereum and Wanchain. Its options protocol is built to be universal and possibly include any underlying assets, including crypto assets, commodities, fiat currencies, stocks and even indexes from traditional finance. Users may effectively protect or appreciate crypto wealth with its decentralized option products. Boosting User Returns and Increasing Liquidity Pools With millions of dollars already locked across FinNexus dApps, there’s a lot FinNexus plans to do to increase its market share. Even though they already make it easier than ever to buy and exercise options on BTC, ETH, LINK, SNX, and MKR, the team is pushing upgrade after upgrade. One of their best new implementations is the latest mining mechanism, allowing users to combine FNX and USDC/USDT when mining, thus boosting returns. The boosting effect can go as high as 320x, leading to a 2000% APY on…

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