How Euler.Tools Could Bridge The Gap To Full-Scale Blockchain Adoption

Bitcoin is suddenly all over mainstream media, whetting the appetite of risk-taking investors interested in entering positions in cryptocurrencies. However, what they don’t understand is all the benefits that this emerging asset class and the underlying blockchain technology have to offer. Negative perceptions about cryptocurrency’s use for crime continue to get in the way of widespread acceptance. And even if that barrier is broken, learning about the technology and even using it can be challenging or confusing at first. However, Euler.Tools, the world’s first real-time block explorer platform that intends to disrupt the crypto trading industry using interconnected data, could finally make learning crypto and blockchain easy. Here’s how Euler.Tools is helping traders see and understand blockchain technology and market events all from one single platform. The Early Mathematical Origins Behind Euler.Tools The story of how Euler.Tools first began was a struggle. Founder Jorge de los Santos got into crypto…

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