How Does eToro’s Popular Investor Program Work

Think you got the chops to be a Popular Investor on eToro? Want to first know what that even means? We can explain. The Popular Investor Program allows crypto traders to turn their skills into bankable income through eToro’s CopyTrader platform. With CopyTrader, eToro users can replicate the moves of Popular Investors in real time. Every time a new user copies your trades, you earn more money and move up in the ranks of the program. To enroll in becoming a Popular Investor, make sure you’ve signed up for a verified eToro account with a photo and bio describing your trading strategy. You must live in an open state where eToro is permitted. Once you have: invested $100 into your account, completed at least one trade, accumulated a full month of trading history, and gotten at least one person to copy your trades — congrats! You are now officially a…

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