How Cryptocurrency Wallets Could Replace Banks

Cryptocurrency use cases vary based on who you’re talking to. Some believe that digital assets can replace our current financial system, while others view crypto as a store of value like gold. Each use case has its pros and cons, but they also have one thing in common: a cryptocurrency wallet. A non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet acts similar to a bank. It stores and secures your assets, allowing you to transfer or receive funds as well. But a bank is still an intermediary – a third party that can limit your spending, take away funds, and see all of your transactions. A crypto wallet provides the same, but without moderation. If either use case gains traction, we very well could see wallets make banks irrelevant. That’s a bold claim to make, so let’s break down why non-custodial crypto wallets have such potential. We’ll use the Unstoppable wallet as an example. Endless…

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